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  1. Clouds — 2021-08-14 20:16:00
    …, stratus, and cirrus**. He has been called "**the father of meteorology**" because of his comprehensive recordings of weather in the London area from 1801 to 1841. In his late twenties, he wrote the //Essay on the Modification of Clouds,// whic…
  2. Stevenson Screen — 2020-08-17 08:38:43
    …y 1887" death_place="Edinburgh" }} === Sir Thomas Stevenson 1864 === ~-[[CategoryScience]]:[[1800s]] The international weather station was invented by the British engineer and meteorologist Sir Thomas Stevenson (1818-1887), the father of Robert L…
    …as concrete can cause significant error leading to all time high temperatures being recorded inaccurately. {{Tag ids="weather climate temperature "}}…
  3. LCD — 2020-08-15 08:31:22
    …ansparent, which produced a pure-white colour display for the first time. == Re-invent the Display == {{Image url="LCDweather.jpg" class="left" title="LCD Calendar and Weather display" width="200" }} John Stonehouse, who was the Minister of Tech…

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