Stevenson Screen
Inventor Sir Thomas Stevenson
Sir Thomas Stevenson
Born22 July 1818
Died8 May 1887 | Age 68

Sir Thomas Stevenson 1864

The international weather station was invented by the British engineer and meteorologist Sir Thomas Stevenson (1818-1887), the father of Robert Louis Stevenson.

The Stevenson Screen is the standard used by the World Meteorological Organization. The screens contain a dry bulb thermometer and a wet bulb thermometer. Larger screens also include minimum and maximum thermometers and optional recording instruments: thermograph and/or a hygrograph, or a thermohygrograph.

Stevenson Sensor
Stevenson Sensor


The unit and sensors should also be positioned in open space away from any nearby potential sources of heat such as buildings, airports and brick walls, where free circulation of air can occur, and over a natural surface, grass is recommended as other surfaces such as concrete can cause significant error leading to all time high temperatures being recorded inaccurately.

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