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  1. Antiseptic — 2021-08-12 20:38:14
    …ts in The Lancet in a series of 6 articles, running from March through July 1867. He instructed surgeons to wear clean gloves and wash their hands before and after operations with 5% carbolic acid solutions. Instruments were also washed in the s…
  2. Rubber — 2021-08-12 20:24:10
    …ncock's attention to rubber. In '''April 1820''' he patented India-rubber springs for various types of clothing such as gloves and '''suspenders'''. The Hancock brothers then started an "elastic works" to manufacture items using the rubber spring…
    …it" }}||{{Image url="Welly.jpg" width="120" title="Wellies" }}|| {{Tag ids="Rubber patent sulphur tyre band hose boots gloves mould"}} …

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