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  1. DNA Forensics — 2021-01-22 08:47:52
    …September 1987, and Richard Buckland the first person to be exonerated using DNA. {{Tag ids="DNA fingerprint forensics genetics"}} …
  2. Suffolk Punch — 2020-11-30 16:25:44
    … build. The local farmers needed a draught horse with power, stamina, health, longevity, and docility for farm work. Genetics show that the Suffolk Punch is closely genetically grouped with the Fell and Dales British ponies and the European Haf…
  3. Stem Cells — 2020-08-17 17:30:21
    …ns who is [[Wales Welsh]] was born 1 January 1941, Stroud, [[Gloucestershire]]. In 1978, he moved to the Department of Genetics, at the University of Cambridge, and in 1980 began his collaboration with Matthew Kaufman. They explored the method of …
    … become adult cells. ::c:: ~&In December 1981 Gail Martin called the cells embryonic stem cells. {{Tag ids="Stem cells genetics embryo"}} …

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