Lever Brothers
Creator William Lever
William Lever
Born19 September 1851
Bolton, Lancashire
Died7 May 1925 | Age 73

Lever Brothers 1885

In 1885 brothers William Hesketh Lever (1851–1925) and James Darcy Lever (1854–1916) formed the British manufacturing company Lever Brothers.

The Lever brothers were born in Bolton England. William & James worked in their fathers small grocery business. A local Bolton chemist, William Hough Watson, had invented a new process to make soap, using glycerin and vegetable oils or palm oil, rather than tallow fat. In 1885 the brothers bought the small soap works in Warrington making Watson a partner.

Sunlight Soap
Sunlight Soap

They first called their product 'Honey Soap' then later named it "Sunlight Soap". The product sold quickly and production soon reached 450 tons per week by 1888, within a decade it is on sale in 134 countries. Larger premises were built on the Wirral Peninsula at what was to become Port Sunlight "Model Village" or, self-contained community company village for the working staff to live.

Sunlight Village
Sunlight Village

UniLever 1930

Lever wanted to expand and in 1930 merged with the Dutch margarine producer Margarine Unie and under the Unilever badge have further expanded to include:
Lipton (1971)
Brooke Bond (1984)
Ben & Jerry's (2000)
And many more Unilever

It is now the world's third-largest consumer goods company.
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