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  1. Split the Atom — 2021-08-20 11:02:25
    …les used to penetrate nuclei. He directed Cockcroft and Walton to build a high voltage machine he called for "a million volts in a soapbox". == Cockcroft-Walton Generator == The Cockcroft-Walton generator, a system of capacitors and thermionic …
    …rectifiers produced voltages around 600,000 volts. It wasn't a million volts, but it proved sufficient. The splitting of the atom was now a reality. /* event_date="14 April 1932" Cockcroft & Walto…
    …ry of **Nuclear Fission** led to many types of experiments, not least, the **Atom Bomb**. {{Tag ids="Nuclear atom power volts generator university"}} …

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