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  1. Rubber — 2021-08-12 20:24:10
    …vulcanisation of rubber" width="400" }} **Thomas Hancock** patented in **1843**, a process whereby heating rubber and **sulphur** together at 155°C for two hours gave a horn-like solid containing 30% sulphur. Hancock took out another patent on Ma…
    …jpg" width="90" title="Wet suit" }}||{{Image url="Welly.jpg" width="120" title="Wellies" }}|| {{Tag ids="Rubber patent sulphur tyre band hose boots gloves mould"}} …
  2. Match — 2021-08-09 22:35:30
    …t had not been possible to transmit the flame to a slow-burning substance like wood. He used wooden sticks coated with sulphur and tipped with a paste mixture of sulphide of antimony, chlorate of potash, and gum, the sulphur serving to communicat…
  3. Electric Motor — 2021-08-09 22:25:17
    …ed. Discs located between the cast iron cell and the cylinder of zinc prevented contact by the different metals. Dilute sulphuric acid was used to charge the battery. == Galvanometer == He also invented the first suspended coil galvanometer, a d…
  4. Carbonated water — 2021-08-09 21:20:42
    …itled, **Impregnating Water with Fixed Air**. The paper described a means of chemical carbonation by dripping vitriol (sulphuric acid) into powdered chalk (calcium carbonate) producing **CO2 gas**. This gas was then infused into agitated water, …
  5. Milk of Magnesia — 2020-08-09 19:55:03
    …commercially. By-products of the process included sodium, potassium bicarbonates and silicates, which when treated with sulphuric acid could be used as an artificial fertiliser. {{Image url="JamesMurrayPlaque.jpg" class="right" title="James Murray…

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