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  1. MRI Scan — 2021-08-20 11:04:59
    …n hour to a fraction of a second. A medical diagnostic application was further progressed by the development of a rapid imaging technique called echo-planar imaging making 3D imaging feasible. == First MRI Image == The first MRI scan of a human b…
  2. Digital Photography — 2020-08-17 17:33:21
    … Electric Valve Company** (EEV now E2V) in Chelmsford. In 1968 Dr Tompsett invented the un-cooled Pyro-electric thermal-imaging camera tube. He also invented a solid-state version, which is now the basis for thermal imagers made today used by the …
    …"left" title="Dr. Margaret Tompsett first Colour Picture" width="" }} He exploited the device‚Äôs potential for digital imaging and, together with his team, developed a series of CCD cameras and produced the first pixel CCD colour image. ::cl:: ==…
    …ompsett, Eric Fossum, George Smith (not pictured) and Nobukazu Teranishi. Michael Francis Tompsett filed the first CCD imaging [[http://www.google.com/patents/US4085456 | patent in 1971]] {{Tag ids="Digital photography imaging CCD colour camera"}…

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