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  1. Intraocular Lens — 2021-08-20 10:40:24
    …h_date="25/4/2001" death_place="Salisbury" width="300" }} === Harold Ridley 1950 === ~-[[Medical]]:[[1900s]] {{toc}} An innovator in eye surgery and the inventor of the **intraocular lens** (IOL). **Nicholas Harold Lloyd Ridley** was born on July 1…
  2. Electric Motor — 2021-08-09 22:25:17
    …form of battery – known as the amalgamated zinc battery which had a longer battery life than that produced by Italian innovator Volta. Sturgeon could now power his strong electro-magnets and making them horse-shoe shape increased the power even m…
  3. Bouncing bomb — 2016-09-26 13:45:18
    …Bouncing bomb :: {{Databox caption="Innovator" Image="Barnes_Wallis.jpg" width="" who="Sir Barnes Neville Wallis" birth_date="26/9/1887" birth_place="Ripley [[Derb…

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