Forme of Cury 1390

King Richard II
King Richard II

The English medieval cookbook, The Forme of Cury, in the British Museum has the first recipe for Lasagne.

This cookbook, by the cooks of King Richard II’s household, is the first recorded recipe for a lasagna-based dish.

‘Cury’ is an Old English word for cuisine meaning: to cook, boil, or grill.


Loseyns. XX II. IX.
Take gode broth and do in an erthen pot, take flour of payndemayn and
make therof past with water. and make therof thynne foyles as paper
with a roller, drye it harde and seeth it in broth take Chese ruayn
grated and lay it in disshes with powdour douce. and lay theron
loseyns isode as hoole as thou mizt. and above powdour and chese,
and so twyse or thryse, & serue it forth.


Modern lasagne has tomatoes but it would be 200 hundred years before Europeans even saw a tomato. Medieval broth refered to both meat or vegetable stew like preperations.
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