Frederick Walton 1855

Frederick Walton Halifax, Yorkshire
Frederick Walton
Born13 March 1834
Halifax, Yorkshire
Died16 May 1928 | Age 94

Linoleum, also called Lino, is a versatile hard wearing floor covering. Despite many new types of flooring on the market, lino is still popular today.

Walton was born in Halifax Yorkshire. In 1855, Walton noticed a rubbery, flexible skin of solidified linseed oil had formed on a can of oil-based paint. He was impressed at how strong this skin was and wondered if might be useful.

Linoleum is Born

Walton accelerated the oxidation process by heating it with lead acetate and zinc sulphate. When he mastered his recipe he took out a patent eventually calling it Linoleum,
derived from the Latin words “linum” (“flax”) and “oleum” (“oil”).

Linoleum sculpture in Staines
Linoleum sculpture in Staines

In 1864, he formed the Linoleum Manufacturing Company and by 1869 the factory in Staines was exporting to Europe and the United States. Frederick Walton jnr went on to develop Lincrusta the first washable and durable wall covering.
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