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Peter Durand
Peter Durand
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Peter Durand 1810

In 1810 Durand from England patented the use of tin-coated iron "Food Can" or canning.

Peter Durand a merchant of Hoxton Square, Middlesex, changed food preservation with his sterlised and sealed tin food cannister. Very soon he was supplying canned food to the Royal Navy and the Empire in large quantities.
Tin can
Tin can

Global Appeal

The canning of food is still very popular. Very few kitchen cupboards are without tin cans of food of all sorts including soup, beans, vegetables, fruit and more all over the world. Many billions of cans are sold every year throughout the world. And best of all, it's recyclable!
Soup can
Soup can

Improved Production
In 1813, John Hall and Bryan Dorkin, acquired the Durand patent in 1811, opened the first commercial canning factory in England.

Mass Production
In 1846, Henry Evans invents a machine that can manufacture tin cans at a rate of sixty per hour. A significant increase over the previous rate of only six per hour.
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