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  1. Pub — 2017-06-28 14:28:26
    …grew so did the number of breweries and by **1800** there were **twenty four thousand**. == Pub names == {{Image url="Pubsign1.jpg" title="Typical Pub sign" class="left" width="280" }} The naming of the pubs is always amusing to visitors. Th…
    …ngs of importance including taverns. A way for Innkeepers to show their loyalty it is perhaps no surprise that so many pubs bear names such as ‘The Kings Arms’ ‘Royal Oak’ or ‘Queens Head’. The Royal Oak is the English oak tree wi…
    …lington’ ‘The Shakespeare Inn’ and ‘The Battle of Britain’ to name but a few. ::c:: == Links == [[http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/ | Pubs Galore ]] [[http://www.pubs.com | More info ]] …
  2. Salvation Army — 2016-01-07 15:19:48
    …modeled after the military, with its own hymns, often with words set to popular tunes. The Army visited and sung in the pubs, as they still do, to raise money and recruit. == Onward Christian Soldiers == {{image url="salvationarmyflag.gif" cla…

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