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  1. Reflecting Telescope — 2019-02-19 15:29:12
    …es Gregory but had not manufactured a working version. Early telescopes, like those used by Galileo, consisted of glass lenses mounted in a tube. When the light from a star passed through a lens, the different colours were refracted. This meant …
    …inalReflector.jpg" class="left" title="Newtons Original Reflector" width="400" }} Newton's solution was to replace the lenses with mirrors. == Modern Reflector == {{Image url="ModernReflectorTelescope.jpg" class="right" title="Modern Reflecto…
  2. Intraocular Lens — 2018-07-10 08:26:02
    …ay morning. While Americans welcomed a new idea with such enthusiasm, it was so typical that the companies who made the lenses in the **USA** did not share Ridley's relaxed attitude to profits. Unlike Rayner, they set their prices **as high as po…
    …e End == Intraocular lens implant is now the **most commonly performed** eye surgical procedure. **More than 6 million lenses are implanted every year.** Ridley gave this to the world **for free**. Ridley continued in private practice in Harley…
    …and the **Gonin Medal **from the International Council of Ophthalmologists. At the end of the 1980s he himself had the lenses in both his eyes replaced. "I am the only man to have invented his own operation," he reflected.…

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