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  1. Guinness Book of World Records — 2019-07-13 10:58:45
    …Director of the **Guinness Brewery**. He was attending a shooting party in County Wexford, [[Ireland]] where he and his hosts got into a debate about which is the fastest game bird in Europe? {{Image url="NickRossMcWhirter.jpg" class="left" tit…
  2. Jet airliner — 2017-11-10 11:49:08
    …ertfordshire]], [[England ]]. The plane was beautifully shaped with an aerodynamically clean design. Four de Havilland Ghost [[Jet_Engine| turbojet]] engines were sleekly contained in the wings. It had a pressurised fuselage, and large square w…
  3. Vaccination — 2017-07-09 10:30:27
    …tood life of the cuckoo in the nest. == Cuckoo Habits == His description of the newly-hatched '''cuckoo''' pushing its host's eggs and fledglings from the nest (contrary to the existing belief that the adult cuckoo did it) was only confirmed i…
  4. Paralympic Games — 2017-06-21 14:32:08
    …Paralympic Games == Since 1988, the Summer Paralympics have been held in conjunction with the Olympic Games in the same host city. This practice was adopted in 1992 for the **Winter Paralympics**, and became an official policy of the Internatio…
    … following a June 19, 2001 agreement. The Games take place three weeks after the closing of the Olympics, in the same host city and using the same facilities. Cities bidding to host the Olympic Games must include the Paralympic Games in their…
  5. Glastonbury Festival — 2017-05-19 15:29:10
    …an visited the //Bath Festival of Blues//. He was inspired by the performance of [[Led_Zeppelin]] and Eavis decided to host the **Pilton Pop Festival** in 1970 that became the **Glastonbury Festival**. == First Festival == Over the past {{d…

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