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  1. Vacuum cleaner — 2018-12-26 13:21:55
    …irths Sep 1871 Booth Hubert Cecil Gloucester 6a 279 http://www.airgale.com.au/booth/d6.htm */ Booth was born in Theresa Place, Gloucester, [[Gloucestershire]], [[England]] moving to Belle Vue House, Spa road at the age of nine. His father,…
    … Advert" width="" }}@@ ::cl:: /* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is commented out for reference only Theresa Place, Bristol Road Terminus (1879-97) [SO 82621733] The original terminus in Bristol Road was at the southern end of T…
    …heresa Place, an imposing ashlar faced terrace, between Theresa Street and Alma Place. The terrace which dates from 1836 is now numbered 73-91 Bristol Road (Linden Tree pub row of hou…

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