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  1. Intraocular Lens — 2018-07-10 08:26:02
    …ts**. The ancient Greeks used to deal with this condition by crudely pushing aside the lens within the eye. And until Ridleys invention there was nothing better other than removing the lens and wearing heavy spectacles. Attempts made in the 19…
    …operation was impossible, and that an artificial lens would be rejected by the body's immune system. {{Image url="HaroldRidleyPlaque.jpg" class="right" title="Harold Ridley Plaque" width="" }} == Search for an Answer == During WWII **Gordon Clea…
    … Gun fire shattered his cockpit canopy, and splinters of perspex had destroyed one eye and severely damaged the other. Ridley was a member of the surgical team treating young pilots at Moorfields, and noticed the fact that, although the patient'…
    …nters were apparently inert, and caused no adverse reactions in the sensitive tissues of the eye. == After the War == Ridley began to work with John Pike, an optical scientist from Rayner, a lens company, in Hove, [[Sussex]]. He learned from P…

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