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  1. Worcestershire Sauce — 2018-01-13 11:02:07
    …omers and nearby rival chemists like **Twinberrow and Evans** had good sales in sauces. It is most likely that **Lea & Perrins** needed to make their sauce seem unique and possibly invented the events to make their sauce stand out from the compet…
    …ommercial Production == {{Image url="JohnWheeleyLea.jpg" class="left" title="John Wheeley Lea" width="270" }} **Lea and Perrins** decided to advertise. The product became so popular that they took the premises next door to have the room to manufac…
    …s to serve it. Customers could purchase a bottle of this tasty delight to take home with them! {{Image url="WilliamHenryPerrins.jpg" class="right" title="William Henry Perrins" width="" }} In **1839** Worcestershire Sauce was introduced into the …
    …d the ingredients from England and manufactured exactly according to the English formula. == Round Bottle == **Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce** soon became popular all over the world and as the business grew so did the premises. By **1865*…

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