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  1. Vacuum cleaner — 2018-12-26 13:21:55
    …at '''St. Pancras Station''' of a new cleaning machine for railway carriages. This machine had a bunch of high-pressure jets that blew air into carpets in the hope of getting the dust to fly from one side of the carriage into a dustbox on the o…
  2. Jet Engine — 2018-05-28 18:47:28
    …olf Dudley-Williams and J. Tinling, who wanted to expand the development of his engine. The three incorporated as Power Jets Ltd. in 1936 with a bank loan of £2,000. == Power Jets == Work was progressing on the experimental engine at a fac…
    …tory in Rugby, Warwickshire. Power Jets completed the engine, which ran successfully on **April 12th, 1937**. The engine was pronounced "streets ahead" of any …
    …ttle monument in Gloucester" }} When war broke out a contract for full-scale development was immediately sent to Power Jets, later a number of tenders to various companies were asked to set up production lines for up to 3,000 engines a month i…

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