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  1. Antibiotics — 2018-08-25 00:36:50
    …om dozens of antibiotics. Every day millions of antibiotics are being prescribed all around the world. Together with **Jenner's** invention of [[Vaccination]] and [[Antiseptic]] millions of us can enjoy a healthy life. …
  2. Vaccination — 2017-07-09 10:30:27
    … Sarah Nelmes, a dairymaid, confirmed that one of her **Gloucester cows** called **Blossom**, had recently had cowpox Jenner inserted pus taken from a cowpox pustule and inserted it into an incision on the boy's arm. He was testing his theory, …
    …med Jesty from Yetminster in 1774 gave his wife Elizabeth and two eldest sons immunity by infecting them with cowpox. Jenner subsequently proved that having been inoculated with cowpox Phipps was immune to smallpox. He submitted a paper to the …
    … describing his experiment but was told that his ideas were too revolutionary and that he needed more proof. Undaunted, Jenner experimented on several other children, including his own 11-month-old son. In 1798 the results were finally published …
    …and Jenner coined the word **vaccine** from the Latin 'vacca' for cow. == Ridicule == {{Image url="Syringe.jpg" class="right" }}…

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