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  1. Electric Car — 2017-06-19 23:50:19
    …"" birth_date="22 December 1843" birth_place="Coalbrookdale [[Shropshire]]" death_date="5 December 1915" death_place="Ironbridge" }} === Thomas Parker 1884 === ~-[[CategoryTransport]]:[[CategoryIndustry]] The first production Electric car was made…
  2. Industrial Revolution — 2016-06-23 12:25:37
    …a role in the Industrial Revolution. He followed in his father's footsteps at the Darby foundry in Coalbrookdale in the Ironbridge Gorge in [[Shropshire]], refining techniques for producing wrought iron from pig iron and producing the iron to replace…
    …argest cast iron structure** ever seen. This **world first iron bridge** is over the river Severn at a place now called Ironbridge. This bridge is still standing and can be visited to this day. Abraham Darby III took over the family business in the …
    …uilt housing for them, and offered higher wages than were paid in other local industry (such as mining or pottery). == Ironbridge 1779 == {{Image url="Ironbridge.jpg" title="World's First Iron Bridge 1779" class="left" width="500" }} ::c:: == Rober…

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