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  1. Pneumatic Tyre — 2016-05-12 16:10:13
    …started to catch on. == Onlooker == The paper manufacturer, Harvey du Cros, who was in the crowd at the time, bought Dunlop's patents in 1896 for £3000. Dunlop had in the meantime moved to Dublin, where he manufactured bicycle frames in colla…
    …boration with a local firm, Bowden and Gillies. He died on 24th October 1921. {{Image url="Dunlopplaque.jpg" class="right" width="250" }} {{Image url="Tyre.jpg" class="left" title=" Rubber Tyre" width="200" }} ::c:…
    …rst time someone had tried making inflatable tyres. Another Scot, Robert William Thomson had patented the idea in 1846 (Dunlop was unaware of this patent). …

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