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  1. Intraocular Lens — 2021-08-20 10:40:24
    …Nicholas Harold Lloyd Ridley** was born on July 10 1906 at Kibworth Harcourt, [[Leicestershire]], [[England]]. == Eye Cataracts == {{Image url="cataract.jpg" class="left" title="cataract eye" width="350" }} Due to age, trauma, toxic chemicals or c…
    … or diabetes, the proteins that make up the lens become opaque which prevents light from entering the eye and causes **cataracts**. The ancient Greeks used to deal with this condition by crudely pushing aside the lens within the eye. And until Ri…
    …lenses in both his eyes replaced. "I am the only man to have invented his own operation," he reflected. {{tag ids="Eye Cataracts Intraocular Lens Surgery Ophthalmologist "}}…

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