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  1. Vacuum cleaner — 2018-12-26 13:21:55
    …lace, Gloucester, [[Gloucestershire]], [[England]] moving to Belle Vue House, Spa road at the age of nine. His father, Abraham Booth, was a lumber merchant. While travelling he witnessed a demonstration at '''St. Pancras Station''' of a new clea…
  2. Industrial Revolution — 2016-06-23 12:25:37
    … iron and producing the iron to replace the more expensive brass cylinders used in Thomas Newcomen's steam engines. == Abraham Darby III (1750 – 1791) == {{Image url="Abraham_darby_IV.jpg" class="right" width="200" }} Abraham carried on his fa…
    … over the river Severn at a place now called Ironbridge. This bridge is still standing and can be visited to this day. Abraham Darby III took over the family business in the 1770s. As it grew, he attracted more workers with various measures. In t…

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