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  1. Rubber — 2019-08-10 12:09:55
    …an effective waterproofing agent--for coaches, drivers, and passengers--drew Hancock's attention to rubber. In '''April 1820''' he patented India-rubber springs for various types of clothing such as gloves and '''suspenders'''. The Hancock brot…
    …hers then started an "elastic works" to manufacture items using the rubber springs. == Mastication == In 1820 Hancock invented his most important device: the '''rubber masticator'''. He designed a machine with revolving teeth tha…
    …or softer rubber articles. == Many uses == Hancock was granted a total of '''16 patents''' relating to rubber between 1820 and 1847. In 1822 he developed rubber tubing that could be cut into '''rubber bands''' and '''life-belt tubes'''. He de…
  2. Nature Reserve — 2018-08-23 20:30:17
    …te="3 June 1782" birth_place="Walton Hall, Wakefield" death_date="27 May 1865" death_place="" }} === Charles Waterton 1820 === ~- [[CategorySociety]] {{toc}} In the 1820s Waterton, an English naturalist and explorer, built a nine-foot-high w…
  3. Computer — 2017-07-10 17:37:14
    …discussed the principles of a calculating engine in a letter to Sir Humphry Davy in 1822. ===Difference Engine=== The 1820s saw Babbage work on his '**Difference Engine**', a machine which could perform mathematical calculations. A six-wheele…
  4. Colgate — 2017-04-25 16:07:51
    …g soap, candles, and starch. After several years of financial struggle, **William Colgate & Company ** prospered in the 1820s selling Windsor toilet soaps and Pearl starch. Thirteen years after his death in 1857, the company began selling tooth…

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