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  1. Angus Cattle — 2019-08-31 10:40:52
    …ce the mid 16th century. These local cattle were used by breeders. **Hugh Watson** became tenant of Keillor in Angus in 1808. He gathered stock widely and produced cattle of outstanding quality and character. Hugh Watson could be considered the…
  2. Toothbrush — 2017-08-06 10:37:43
    …t [[London]], [[England]]. == Production == His business boomed having to move premises. William died a wealthy man in 1808 leaving business to his eldest son, also called William. Addis began exporting products abroad to the US in the 1880’…
  3. Aluminium — 2017-05-24 10:43:16
    …enzance, Cornwall" death_date="29 May 1829" death_place="Geneva, Switzerland" }} [[CategoryIndustry]] === Humphry Davy 1808 === {{{toc}}} Aluminium does not occur naturally in its purest form so it was not discovered until the 19th century wi…
    …he newest metals to be discovered by humans. == Extracting from the Ore == Alum salts have been used for centuries. In 1808 Humphry Davy, an English chemist, discovered that aluminium could be isolated by electrolytic reduction from alumina (a…
    … Using this technique he isolated **sodium** and **potassium** in 1807, **magnesium** , **barium** and **calcium** in 1808. All with "-ium" ending signifying a metallic element. == Links == [[http://www.aluminiumleader.com/history/industry…
  4. Match — 2017-05-18 18:53:27
    …e="Congreve matchbox" width="" }} He called his matches “**Congreves**” after the Congreve’s rocket invented in 1808. The price of a box of 50 matches was one shilling. Included with each box was a piece of sandpaper to **strike a ligh…

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