Pop Rivet

Hamilton Neil Wylie 1916

Wylie Pop Rivet
Wylie Pop Rivet

British engineer Hamilton Neil Wylie invented the "Pop rivet" and patented his brainchild in 1916.
Also called a blind rivet it allowed one person to fit a rivet with access only needed from one side.
Pop Rivet sequence
Pop Rivet sequence

Labour Saving
Before Wylie invention of blind rivets, securing a rivet required access to both sides of the assembly making it a very labour intensive, time consuming task. The "Pop" rivet freed up workers and increased production. This was particularly useful in Aircraft manufacture.

Naval and Aircraft
Wylie was an engineer and Royal Navy reservist, he was granted a British patent for "an improved means of closing tubular rivets." in 1917. He then joined the British aircraft company Armstrong-Whitworth.
Pop rivet advert
Pop rivet advert

George Tucker Eyelet Company of Birmingham, Warwickshire England also began manufacturing the "Pop" rivet as war increased the need for aircraft.

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