Disc Brakes
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Inventor Frederick Lanchester
Frederick Lanchester
Born23 October 1868
Died8 March 1946 | Age 77

Frederick Lanchester 1902

Frederick William Lanchester patented the vehicle disc brake in 1902.

Car Enthusiast

In 1889.Lanchester joined the "Forward Gas Engine Co" in Birmingham and worked there until 1892. He was fascinated by the Benz automobile that he saw at the 1889 Paris Exhibition. This led onto producing the first all British petrol car.

Frederick with brothers George and Frank incorporated The Lanchester Engine Company Limited in December 1899. This later becomes the Lanchester Motor Company.

Patents Galore

As production increased Fred developed many improvements for their automobiles including his disk brake system. The discs were thin and made of brass but they fit the definition of a modern disc brake, beating competitors to the market by many years.

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