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  1. Banoffi Pie — 2016-05-24 14:24:02
    …jpg" class="left" title="Ian Dowding" width="200" }} Banoffi pie is an English dessert pie made from bananas, cream and toffee from boiled condensed milk. It was invented at the [[http://www.hungrymonk.co.uk/ Hungry Monk Restaurant]] [[Sussex]] i…
    …oil dry. ~- Remove the tin from the water and allow to cool completely before opening. ~- Inside you will find the soft toffee filling. **Method** ~- Whip the cream with the instant coffee and sugar until thick and smooth. ~- Now spread the toff…
    …ee over the base of the flan. ~- Peel and halve the bananas lengthways and lay them on the toffee. ~- Finally spoon or pipe on the cream and lightly sprinkle over the freshly ground coffee. …

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