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  1. Rubber — 2021-08-12 20:24:10
    … In 1820 Hancock invented his most important device: the '''rubber masticator'''. He designed a machine with revolving teeth that tore up rubber scraps. To Hancock's surprise, the shredded bits adhered into a solid mass of rubber that could the…
  2. Toothbrush — 2021-01-28 15:14:07
    …ed to keep himself presentable but did not like using the method at the time of rubbing a rag with soot and salt on the teeth. So by hand he carved a small brush handle from bone. He drilled holes into the bone handle and inserted boar bristles …
    …asn’t until soldiers returned home from World War II indoctrinated with military hygiene habits that brushing one’s teeth regularly became a widespread practice. == In history == Previous to the manufactured toothbrush indigenous people hav…
    …e used, and still use, things like miswak from the twigs/roots of the //Salvadora persica// tree or similar to clean teeth. == Links == [[http://www.addis.co.uk/our-history Addis company]] {{Tag ids="Hygiene teeth dentures clean brush"}} …

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