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  1. Silicone — 2020-09-22 23:25:26
    …This was taken up by Corning Glass who, with Dow Chemicals set up Dow-Corning Corporation to manufacture silicone polymers in 1943. == Many uses == Silicones are largely inert compounds with a wide variety of uses. It is nonstick a…
    … title="Sealant" width="180" }}|| {{Image url="breast_implant.jpg" title="Breast implant" width="180" }}|| {{Image url="Silicone_Bake.jpg" title="Bakeware" width="180" }}|| Kipping died in North Wales n 1949, just as the value of silicone polymers…
    … was being realised. {{Tag ids="silicon silicone polymer sealant medical"}} …

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