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  1. Steam Engine — 2021-08-08 20:42:29
    …r vacuum, principle. The first industrial applications of the vacuum engines were in the pumping of water from deep mineshafts. In mineshaft pumps the reciprocating beam was connected to an operating rod that descended the shaft to a pump chambe…
    …ons of the operating rod are transferred to a pump piston that moves the water, through check valves, to the top of the shaft. Early Newcomen engines operated so slowly that the valves were manually opened and closed by an attendant. An improvem…
    …industry. Additionally, unlike the Newcomen engine, the Watt engine operated smoothly enough to be connected to a drive shaft—via sun and planet gears—to provide rotary power. In early steam engines the piston is usually connected to a balan…
  2. Underwater Tunnel — 2020-10-11 23:44:16
    …ighth wonder of the world' the Thames Tunnel Opens" width="" }} When both shafts were in position miners were hired from coal mines and the tunnel excavation began. During the building work in 182…
    …ngineer fell ill and was replaced by Brunels son, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. {{Tag ids="Tunnel Under Water River Brunel shaft wonder"}} ::c:: == Links == [[http://www.brunel-museum.org.uk/history/rotherhithe-shaft/ | Brunel Museum]] [[http://r…

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