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  1. Antibiotics — 2021-08-20 10:41:08
    …cteria. Fleming observed colonies of the common** Staphylococcus aureus **bacteria that had been worn down or killed by mold growing on the same plate or petri dish. Fleming said: "When I woke up just after dawn on September 28, 1928, I certain…
    …c**, or bacteria killer," Fleming would later say, "But I suppose that was exactly what I did." {{Image url="PenicillinMold.jpg" class="left" title="Penicillin Mold" width="250" }} == Rapid Growth == Other researchers started recreating Flemin…
    …nvention of [[Vaccination]] and [[Antiseptic]] millions of us can enjoy a healthy life. {{Tag ids="Bacteria penicillin mold mould biotic antibiotic "}} …
  2. Rubber — 2021-08-12 20:24:10
    …bber scraps. To Hancock's surprise, the shredded bits adhered into a solid mass of rubber that could then be pressed in molds into solid blocks or rolled into sheets. Hancock's masticator, which was perfected in 1821, made rubber manufacture co…

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