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  1. Roundabout — 2018-10-12 14:09:43
    …est, Broadway, and Spring Road. At the point at where they all converged, Parker and Unwin drew up a detailed plan of a circular traffic island, ‘Sollershott Circus’, in July 1908. == Traffic Circles == With a 'traffic circle' the vehicles a…
    …to traffic lights because of the high accident rate associated with them. - In 1926 the UK Ministry of Transport (circular 302) officially used the term **'Roundabout'.** - In 1950s the priority rule was changed. - Now entering traffic g…
  2. Theodolite — 2017-07-05 08:57:22
    …gges used the term ‘theodolitus’ to describe his surveying instrument in his book //Pantometria//. Consisting of a circular ring divided into 360 degrees, and a pivoting sight with vanes at each end. ^^Tectonicon : briefly shewing the exact me…
  3. Electric Generator — 2017-05-25 11:18:24
    …r a compass. Michael Faraday built two devices to produce what he called electromagnetic rotation: that is a continuous circular motion from the circular magnetic force around a wire. Ten years later, in 1831, he began his great series of experimen…
    …raday creates two experiments for the demonstration of electromagnetic rotation. A vertically suspended wire moves in a circular orbit around a magnet. The Homopolar motor. In 1831, using his "induction ring", Michael Faraday made one of his great…

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