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  1. Trouser Press — 2021-08-26 11:11:31
    …" }} === Peter Corby 1930 === [[CategoryDomestic]]:[[CategorySociety]]:[[1900s]] The Corby trouser press, an electrical appliance used to smooth the creases from a pair of trousers, was invented by Peter Corby in 1930. Peter began producing the pres…
  2. Automatic Kettle — 2021-08-14 20:44:42
    …others had spring-loaded ejectors. {{image url="K2a.jpg" class="left" title="K2a" width="200" }} At the rear of the appliance was a bimetallic strip thermostat, and when water boiled, steam was forced through an aperture in the lid to the strip,…
    …Russell took charge of developing new products while Hobbs concentrated on sales. {{Tag ids="Kettle Automatic kitchen appliance K1 Boil thermostat bimetallic"}} …

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