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  1. Jet Engine — 2018-05-28 18:47:28
    …"Motorized-jet-engine.jpg" class="left" width="200" title="Whittle Jet engine" }} Whittle was born in Earlsdon, Coventry [[Warwickshire]], [[England]] on June 1, 1907, the son of a mechanic. **Aged just 22** …
    …in 1930 Whittle sent his new idea about jet propulsion to the Air Ministry to see if there would be any interest and give Britain the e…
    …dge in aviation. The RAF returned the idea to Whittle, they referred to the design as // "impracticable."// {{Image url="Whittlestudent.jpg" class="left" width="300" title=…
    …"Whittle student record" }}Others in the RAF thought Whittle was onto something, in particular Johnny Johnson convinced him to patent the idea in '''January 1930''' *. Since the RA…

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