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  1. Roundabout — 2018-10-12 14:09:43
    …ly adopted in 1966. Modern roundabouts start to spread around the world. Sweden – 1967 Norway, Denmark – 1970s France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sw…
    …itzerland – 1980s Australia – 1980s US – 1990. == Roundabout Pro's == A true roundabout is as near to maintenance free as you can get. No traffic light bulbs to replace or traffic chaos when there is a powe…
    …r cut. New research in America has shown that where a roundabout has been installed, savings of up to 40% on fuel can be saved, due to the fact the traffic is flowing more freely. Penn…
    …sylvania Transport Department has shown that roundabouts result in 90% reduction in fatalities, 76% reduction in injuries and 35% reduction in all crashes. When there is a col…

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