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  1. Sunday School — 2018-06-28 10:48:46
    …e to teach them the good news of the Lord. Several individuals had started the principal of //educating// on a Sunday. Raikes was aware of **William King**, who had set up a Sunday school in nearby Dursley. Raikes saw an oppurtunity to change t…
    …as Stock** who had a Sunday school at Ashbury, Berkshire. ::c:: == Sunday Schools Reduces Crime == {{Image url="Robert-raikes-glos-statue.jpg" class="right" title="Robert Raikes statue Gloucester. Another stands in London and Toronto" width="300…
    …0** in the home of a Mrs Meredith. Within a short time several more schools opened in [[Gloucestershire]]. Soon Robert Raikes and Reverend Thomas Stock had 100 children ages 6 to 14 attending their Sunday schools. Even though the children were t…
    … percent of the population. They were the forerunners of the current English state school system. {{Image url="Robert-raikes-house.jpg" class="left" title="Robert Raikes house Gloucester, now a Public House" width="400" }} == World wide == With…

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