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  1. Steam Engine — 2017-05-23 20:30:35
    …Portrait.jpg" width="" class="right" title="Sir Samuel Morland 1625 - 1695" }} In about 1680 the French physicist Denis Papin, with the help of Gottfried Leibniz, built a steam digester for softening bones, i.e. he invented the world's first-eve…
    …mplemented a steam-release valve to keep the device from exploding. By watching the valve rhythmically move up and down Papin conceived of the idea of a piston and cylinder engine. Papin wrote up the designs for such a device , however he never …
    …built an actual steam engine. The English engineer '''Thomas Savery''' later used Papin's designs to build the world's first operational steam engine. '''Sir Samuel Morland''' also developed ideas for a ste…

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