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  1. Steam Engine — 2017-05-23 20:30:35
    … **1769** '''James Watt''', another member of the Lunar Society, **patented** the first significant improvements to the Newcomen type vacuum engine that made it much more fuel efficient. Watt's leap was to separate the condensing phase of the vacuu…
    …lton & Watt** engine finally led to the general acceptance and use of steam power in industry. Additionally, unlike the Newcomen engine, the Watt engine operated smoothly enough to be connected to a drive shaft—via sun and planet gears—to provi…
  2. Industrial Revolution — 2016-06-23 12:25:37
    …roducing wrought iron from pig iron and producing the iron to replace the more expensive brass cylinders used in Thomas Newcomen's steam engines. == Abraham Darby III (1750 – 1791) == {{Image url="Abraham_darby_IV.jpg" class="right" width="200" …

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