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  1. Roundabout — 2018-10-12 14:09:43
    …uthorities have turned to traffic lights because of the high accident rate associated with them. - In 1926 the UK Ministry of Transport (circular 302) officially used the term **'Roundabout'.** - In 1950s the priority rule was changed. -…
  2. Jet Engine — 2018-05-28 18:47:28
    …rframe to carry the engine, which was quickly taken up by Gloster Aircraft. == It works == In September 1939, the Air Ministry issued a specification to GAC (Gloster Aircraft Company) for an aircraft to test Whittles jet engine. Rover was unable …
  3. Hovercraft — 2017-08-24 11:29:22
    …lift. Cockerell had set up a company, Ripplecraft, to develop his ideas further and in 1955 he eventually convinced the Ministry of Supply to back his project. He had a hard time trying to convince the military: the Admiralty said it was a plane no…
  4. Radar — 2017-07-05 11:01:39
    …al steam engine. ||{{{toc}}}||{{amazon type="book" items="B0006AVLI4" }}|| == Air defence in the UK == In 1933 the Air Ministry had recently set up a committee to advance the state of the art of air defence in the UK. In World War I the Germans ha…
    … == Aircraft detection and location == On February 12, 1935, Watson-Watt sent a memo of his proposed system to the Air Ministry, entitled Detection and location of aircraft by radio methods. The concept clearly had amazing potential and Watson-Wat…
    …nications Development (DCD-RAE). In 1939 Watson-Watt became Scientific Advisor on Telecommunications (SAT) to the Air Ministry. In 1940, Watson-Watt, assisted by John Randall and Henry Boot of Birmingham University, invented the cavity magnetron.…

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