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  1. Tarmac — 2017-06-30 14:08:12
    …passable due to ruts and mud. The process was an improvement on methods used by **Thomas Telford** and Tr├ęsaguet. == Hooley is inspired == In 1901 Hooley was walking in Denby in [[Derbyshire]] when he noticed a smooth stretch of road close to…
    … fallen off a dray (cart) and burst open. Someone had poured waste slag from the nearby furnaces to cover up the mess. Hooley noticed this unintentional resurfacing had solidified the road - there was no rutting and no dust. By 1902 Hooley had …
    …d.jpg" class="center" title="First Tarmac road. Radcliffe Road, Nottingham" width="" }} Having perfected the operation, Hooley began transforming road surfaces. Nottingham's **Radcliffe Road** became the** first tarmac road in the world**. …

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