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  1. Marshall Amplification — 2019-04-08 16:15:13
    …and a Marshall stack" width="" }} In 1985, Marshall was invited to add his hand prints to the **Rock Hall of Fame **in Hollywood alongside the instrument pioneers Leo Fender, Robert Moog, Les Paul and Bill Ludwig. He was appointed OBE for his servi…
  2. Charlie Chaplin — 2019-01-08 01:18:05
    …e's tramp character, probably based on the experiences of his early life, eventually made him the highest paid actor in Hollywood. == Chaplin the Composer == Charlie also wrote some wonderful melodies. "**Smile**" is a song based on an instrumenta…
  3. Cary Grant — 2017-07-15 13:18:34
    …="18/1/1904" birth_place="" death_date="29/11/1986" death_place="" }} [[Entertainment]]== Archibald Alexander Leach == Hollywood actor Cary Grant starred in over 70 films. === Bristol England 1904 === Actor Cary was born **'Archie Leach'** on Janu…
    …dth="" }} Grant took up with Bob Pender's group of traveling performers. In New York he left the troupe and headed for Hollywood. Known for his debonair demeanor, and "//dashing good looks//", Grant is one of Hollywood's definitive leading men. Ca…
  4. Richard Burton — 2016-05-31 15:16:56
    …ée Thomas), died on 31 October 1927 at age 44 after giving birth to her **13th** child. He went on to star in over 70 Hollywood movies and is another great actor who never received an Oscar. He is remembered for is multiple marriages including tw…

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