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  1. Radio — 2020-08-09 19:56:54
    …oni 1896 === ~-[[CategoryInventions]]:[[CategoryTechnology]]:[[1800s]] {{Databox width="250" Image="Marconi.jpg" Who="Guglielmo Marconi" Invented="Radio" Birth_date="25/4/1874" death_date="20/7/1937" }} **Guglielmo Marconi** gave the first public…
    …tances up to 50 yards. == 1894 == {{Image url="MarconiRadio.jpg" title="Marconi Radio" class="right" width="250" }} **Guglielmo Marconi** began pursuing the idea of building a wireless telegraphy system based on Hertzian waves (radio). Marconi gai…

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