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  1. Stainless Steel — 2018-04-01 00:54:33
    …ugust 1913. {{TOC}} == Determination == Harry was born into a poor family. His father was a steel worker at **Thomas Firth & Sons**. He started working at the age of twelve and a couple of years later was working Firth's as a bottle washer in…
    … metal manufacturing was fighting a never ending battle against rust. In 1908 Brearley was appointed lead researcher at Firth Laboratories. == Weapon Erosion == One of the major downsides was erosion in weaponry. Brearley was asked to find a w…
  2. Steam Engine — 2017-05-23 20:30:35
    … Engines" }}>> James Watt (1736 – 1819) was born on 19th of January, 1736 in Greenock, [[Scotland]], a seaport on the Firth of Clyde. His father was a shipwright, ship owner and contractor. His mother, Agnes Muirhead, was from a distinguished …

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