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  1. Meccano — 2017-05-14 01:23:25
    …l Devices for Children and Young People**", but not without first having to borrow five pounds from his employer, David Elliot, to cover the costs. His employer saw potential in what Hornby was doing and offered him some vacant premises next to …
    …the office where he worked to pursue his ideas. With this move, Elliot and Hornby became partners. ::c:: == Into Production == {{Image url="Meccano_logo.jpg" width="600" }} With the financi…
    …st in a larger factory and plant, a company had to be created. This led to the formation of Meccano Ltd on 30 May 1908. Elliot had decided not to join the new company, leaving Hornby as the sole proprietor. The Meccano factory was relocated to We…

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