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  1. Charles Darwin — 2017-07-05 01:07:19
    …things came from and how they became exquisitely adapted to their particular environments. == Voyage on the Beagle == Darwin served as an unpaid naturalist on a science expedition on board **HMS Beagle**. In 1831, the Beagle sailed for South Am…
    …here she completed extensive surveys, returning via New Zealand in 1836. The wide range of far off destinations opened Darwins mind to how this all fitted together. On the Galapagos Islands he noticed many variations of plants and animals that w…
    …milar to those he found in South America, suggesting that species adapted over time and to their environment. Charles Darwin was not the first to propose a theory of evolution but his work was so compelling it could not be ignored. == Links ==…
    … [[http://darwin-online.org.uk]]…
  2. Fingerprints — 2017-05-19 16:36:52
    …ed at that time. {{image url="fingerprint.jpg" class="right" title="fingerprint" width="" }} Faulds wrote to [[Charles_Darwin|Charles Darwin]] with his method but, too old and ill to work on it, Darwin gave the information to his cousin, Franci…

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