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  1. Cider — 2017-07-11 13:21:18
    …ples into this beautiful drink. For some reason, probably because of the prohibition, in the US they call apple juice 'cider'. So, for the alcholic version they add the word 'hard'. In its raw form cyder is known as **scrumpy** which can be cl…
    …oudy and full bodied. {{image url="CiderScrumpy.jpg" class="right" title="A Flagon of Scrumpy" width="400" }} == Links == [[http://www.archiveofciderpomology.c…
  2. Sparkling Wine — 2017-06-11 14:08:47
    …land Imports == During this time still wine being brought to Britain from France seemed bland to the English palette as cider was well established with its much livelier quality. As early as 1662 when '''Christopher Merret''' presented a paper t…

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