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  1. Cowboy — 2019-07-30 14:48:13
    …0" }} == Cowboy == The first reference of the word 'cowboy' is in Medieval Ireland/England. A cowboy was literally //boys tending cattle//, a young male cow herder. === England 1620 === The word cowboy never entered U.S. parlance until the…
    …late as 1881 Chester A. Arthur, then a U.S. president, spoke sneeringly when he denounced a band of desperadoes as //cowboys//. {{Image url="Cowboy_England.jpg" class="left" title="Cowboy in Britain" width="" }} References go back to around 162…
  2. Electric Toaster — 2018-10-12 13:33:05
    …p to London 's Great Exhibition of 1851. His schooling started at Sharow, near Ripon in Yorkshire, along with 19 other boys, aged between 7 and 15. One of his fellow pupils there was Charles Dodgson, better known as **Lewis Carroll**, author o…
  3. Scouts — 2017-06-15 01:16:10
    …="The Scout Logo" width="160" class="left" }} Baden-Powell had originally intended the scheme outlined in Scouting for Boys to supplement the programmes of youth organisations that were in existence at the time, like the Boys Brigade and the B…
    …oy's Clubs. But boys not in other youth movements bought the book, and set themselves up as **Patrols of Scouts**, and quickly found themsel…
    …'28 million**''', with over 5 million in the **USA** alone, truly amazing. == Top Seller == The book '''Scouting for Boys''' is now in fourth place in the all time best sellers list, behind the Bible, the Koran and Mao-Tse-Tung's Little Red …

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In History
  • 06 February 1804.
    This month 216 years ago the world lost Joseph Priestley
  • 10 February 1912.
    This month 108 years ago the world lost Joseph Lister
  • 16 February 1834.
    This month 186 years ago the world lost Lionel Lukin
  • 05 February 1790.
    This month 230 years ago the world lost William Cullen
  • Float Glass. 100 years ago 7 January 1920 Alastair Pilkington was born
  • 21 February 1741.
    This month 278 years ago the world lost Jethro Tull
  • 19 February 1927.
    This month 92 years ago the world lost Herbert Akroyd Stuart
  • 08 February 2017.
    This month 3 years ago the world lost Peter Mansfield
  • 17 February 2011.
    On this day 9 years ago Ron Hickman
  • 14 February 1779.
    This month 241 years ago the world lost Captain Cook
  • 26 February 1884.
    This month 135 years ago the world lost Alexander Wood
  • 23 February 1965.
    This month 54 years ago the world lost Stan Laurel
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