Frederick Kipping 1940

Frederick Kipping
Frederick Kipping
Born16 August 1863
Died1 May 1949 | Age 85

Professor Frederick Stanley Kipping FRS (1863-1949) was an English chemist who was born near Manchester, Lancashire, England. he pioneered the study of the organic compounds of silicon and invented the term silicone.

He published 54 papers on the subject between 1899 and 1940. In 1901 he coined the term silicone. Two ensuing world wars put his ideas on hold and he did not foresee the full potential commercial value of his work.

This was taken up by Corning Glass who, with Dow Chemicals set up Dow-Corning Corporation to manufacture silicone polymers in 1943.

Many uses

Silicones are largely inert compounds with a wide variety of uses. It is nonstick and rubberlike.

Frequently used in cookware, medical applications, sealants, lubricants, and insulation.

Breast implant
Breast implant

Kipping died in North Wales n 1949, just as the value of silicone polymers was being realised.

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